Forelli Redemption

Release date: October 21 2021

2001. The events are taking place at the same time as those of GTA3’s original story. Giovanni Forelli, 26 years old, is the son of Sonny Forelli, also the nephew of the current Forelli patriarch, Giorgio. He was lucky enough to survive the destruction of Little Italy during 1998. The Forelli Family is weak these days, though it still manages to stay in the game. However, a short chain of events and a bit of luck gives the Forellis a chance to restore their power…

Find the list of 100% playthrough goals for the mod here: and list of maps for 100% playthrough here

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  • 56 new missions that includes offroad challenges, RC missions, fighting tournaments and much more!
  • Story, that crosses with the original GTA 3 storyline
  • 15 new unique stunt jumps
  • 15 new rampages
  • 56 new hidden packages
  • Pick-ups replaced all over the map
  • Easter eggs
  • Map changes
  • Mod already includes the most important fixes (SilentPatch, Widescreen Fix)


Forelli Redemption Screenshot 1
Forelli Redemption Screenshot 4
Forelli Redemption Screenshot 2
Forelli Redemption Screenshot 3
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  • Story Writing: 1826
  • Programming: 1826
  • Graphics: 1826
  • SFX: 1826
  • PS2 Port: 1826, Z0Li
  • PS Vita Port: 1826, PG Team, pirotex, dexxtrip
  • Contributions: leshenka
  • A few scripts and map edits made by Dimzet are used

Download links

Android (Unofficial)


iOS (Unofficial)


PC Patch 1.1


PS Vita