Forelli Redemption — Reissued

Release date: 2024

Re-issued, Re-mastered, Redemption. Forelli Redemption Reissued brings a brand new version of the original Forelli Redemption mod — with an enhanced interactive, visual and audio experience, straight to your computers, consoles and mobile phones.

2001. Happening simultaneously with GTA3’s original story, 26 year old Giovanni Forelli, son of long-dead Don Sonny and nephew of current patriarch Giorgio survives the destruction of Fort Staunton in 1998. Three years later, he tries to make the best of his life, trying to survive on the gritty streets of Liberty City. However, a short chain of events and just a bit of luck gives the Forellis a one-time chance to restore their family’s once great power and deal one final blow to the Leone family…

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  • A remastered experience of the original mod;
  • A total of 70 missions written;
  • AI Voiceover;
  • 50 Story Missions;
  • 20 additional missions — fight club, stadium challenge, naval battles...;
  • 8 family upgrades — invest money into the Forelli family to make it stronger;
  • Non-linear story branches — accept or deny optional jobs;
  • A more «living world»— story locations are full of characters talking to Gio about how the story and its events affect them;
  • 64 hidden packages;
  • 15 rampages;
  • 15 unique stunt jumps;
  • New interiors (including the triumfant return of Saint Mark's Bistro);
  • Over 7 hours of new authentic radio (remastered and extended compared to the original mod);
  • Easter Eggs (Such as a secret minigame from the past...).


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  • Project Leader: 1826
  • Story: 1826, Jeansowaty, Paul Kulik
  • Programming: 1826
  • .asi scripting: Juarez
  • Design: Jeansowaty, willkozz, 1826
  • Artworks: Auga
  • Audio: 1826, Jeansowaty
  • Soundtrack: 1826, Jeansowaty, spacefiller_, willkozz
  • Console Porting: 1826, Z0Li
  • Contributions to DimZet, Rocky24PL and other modders for providing their assets for this mod

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