Hello and welcome to our website. I was dreaming about this for quite a long time. Someone might think that GTA modmakers having a website is a quite weird idea, but for me – nah. I want to explain why this became a thing:

  1. It is just effective. For example, we have a maps page where we store, well, maps of collectable items in my mods. Making this would be tougher if I used standard websites for uploading mods.
  2. It is faster to upload content here. Uploading something to LibertyCity or GTAForums might requite a bit more time.
  3. Here you can see all of my releases in one place. No need to scroll all through the web to find something you might need.
  4. If Rockstar hits us with a DMCA (yeah, they surely will do it one day), other websites will just delete my mod pages. Here we will also delete download links, but we will give you alternate solutions for the download.
  5. Pure flex.


That should be enough… This website is not going to replace any of the platforms we used before (Discord, VK, YouTube) but it’s going to be way more effective than any of them. This is the place where you are going to find the most recent download links, announcements, collectable maps and others!

Enjoy your stay!