Sindacco Chronicles

17.06.2023 note: Mod got 1.1 update. Download the game again to get a new update.

Release date: June 8 2023

1998. A new Mafia war is on the rise in Liberty City – the Sindacco, Forelli and Leone families are at their throats again for domination over the worst city in America. The Sindaccos, led by the ambitious Paulie Sindacco, plan to conquer what they can before the others can get their hands on what’s left of the city. A loyal henchman they have, Joseph Daniel O’Toole, is supposed to infiltrate the Leone Family. Meanwhile, Paulie’s two nephews, Frank and Marcus, are preparing their men for a big war…

Find the list of 100% playthrough goals for the mod here: and list of maps for 100% playthrough here

Or use official game manual: English version, Russian version or Spanish one.

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